Cool Hand Luke - The Boom Sound Selectah

Cool Hand Luke DJ mixes

Below you will find MP3s of my DJ mixes for download. All of these mixes were done with two turntables and a mixer in one take with no overdubbing or edits.
These mixes can also be listened to in streaming format on my Mixcloud page located at


WanderLustre Graphic

A globe-trotting mix of influences from all over the musical planet, served on a bed of deep funky beats. From Latin America to Africa to Arabia and a whole lot more.

Radio Avalon

Glastonbury Tor Graphic

Wicked bassy downtempo mix. Starts off dreamy, gets into some midtempo dubhop kind of flavors and rounds it off with some acid deepness.


Pentagram Graphic

This mix is a heavy uptempo ride through electro, breaks, techno and house. If it were peanut butter it would be chunky-style.

No Such Thing As Silence

No such thing as silence graphic

A dynamic, complex ride that takes you on a trip from groovy downtempo to cavernous dub to dancehall.

Drumming Down the Moon

full moon graphic

An uptempo tribute to hand percussion that takes you through house, breaks, techno, and more.


frigidigits fractal graphic

The classic old school chill-out mix. I mixed this in 2003 but it is so well loved that I put it up here in MP3 form for the first time.