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Cool Hand Luke hails from the barrios of East LA where he first got his start in the seventies being an extra in Cheech & Chong movies and djing before WAR shows. After a mix-up involving a humidor and a prophylactic at a bachelor party, Cool Hand Luke split to Jamaica and got a job as night janitor at the legendary Black Ark studios. Luke accidentally burnt down the Black Ark while cleaning Lee Perry's toy robot collection one night - effectively ending his employment there. Somehow the years he spent there in the dub-infused environment, drinking Tia Maria with Scratch in the hot jungle night altered his body forever. The dub fused with his DNA giving him secret powers to rock the groove fantastic that would serve him well in the years ahead as he battled to defeat stagnant dancefloors.

After leaving Jamaica in the early 80s, Cool Hand Luke moved to Detroit where he introduced Juan Atkins to Derrick May and started Detroit techno. Most of the early 90s was spent starting the Wicked full moons, XLR8R magazine, and the legendary Gathering parties. This was in addition to a busy schedule as keyboard player for the Grateful Dead. To this day the Bruce/Vince/Cool Hand shows with all three keyboardists are the shows most collected by deadheads.

Focusing more on dance music in the late 90s and 2000s, Cool Hand Luke has been an instrumental part of the breaks scene, coining the word "grime", inventing Dubstep, introducing M.I.A. to Diplo and buying Lorin of Bassnectar his first hair extensions. In addition to the djing extensively, Luke has been kept quite busy doing interpretive dance performances to DJ Brother mixes. In the future he sees himself getting a sex-change and living out the rest of his life as a little British Granny.